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A-Plus Precision Granite inc. is a professional company of talented fabricators dedicated to succeed on every project and deliver top quality custom-made products from Natural stone as well as Engineered stone.


Our estimating department is committed to being precise. We operate one of the leading software programs in the industry, On Screen Takeoff. Accurate estimating creates accurate bids – every time.


You will appreciate our efforts to consolidate, isolate, and itemize our bids for easy reading. We pride ourselves on the simplistic approach to deliver a straightforward, manageable bid.


Our in house granite shop drawings are produced upon receipt of approved cabinet shops. To keep your project on schedule our typical turnaround is one week. Precise drawings are imperative to ensure speed of installation and a successful turn schedule. A final meeting is scheduled with  cabinet sub-contractor to confirm red-lined drawings prior to placing order.


Our established relationship with local expedites our fabrication process. Detailed spreadsheets are created to convey accurate unit counts, packaging and turn schedule with our factory. Local material is fabricated in our Toronto, Ontario facility.


We will attack your project with a 5-man installation team. Two, 2-man crews will focus on installation with speed and precision. The “floater” will be responsible for following behind each crew; carefully inspecting seams, caulking (white to sheetrock, clear to granite), and punch work.


Along with a superb installation job, our primary concern is to keep your project on schedule. Our management team will walk your project, anticipate any concerns, and correct prior to request. Our crew will work with your onsite management to correct any concerns as quickly as possible. To eliminate costly delays, we make every effort to properly protect and store materials to limit theft and/or breakage. To further assist the A-Plus Precision Granite, we will communicate with other trades to keep your job moving forward as planned.